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Do You Want Remote Access to FPGA Hardware?

ViciLogic was created to teach digital chip design by providing remote access to FPGA hardware. An FPGA is assigned to each user during course lessons and users are given control and visualisation of signals within the hardware in real time. Courses provide guided lessons, sandboxes and knowledge checks on a series of topics.

The image stream to the right is a live feed of some of our PYNQ Z1/Z2 "fpga towers" onsite in NUIGalway.

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, many learners and researchers are finding it hard to get physical access to the FPGA development boards they require. So in recent days, we've had a number of requests for direct remote access to the FPGA development boards that are at the core of our teaching platform.

Our pilot project providing direct remote access to FPGA development boards is starting NOW!.

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What is ViciLogic?

ViciLogic was created at the National University of Ireland, Galway to teach digital logic online. See the ViciLogic research publications here

Current courses include:

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