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  • RISC-V (RV32I) Processor Architecture and Applications
    • Guided self-paced lessons, with processor control, sandboxes and knowledge checks
    • Using remote hardware (live feed of Xilinx PYNQ FPGA module towers on right).

    • Demos of RISC-V processor hardware operation for each instruction
      • Online RISC-V assembly program simulation (Venus)
      • remote RISC-V hardware program upload and execution (with hardware debug)
    • Capture and simulation of RV32I hardware description language model using Xilinx Vivado EDA tools
    • Develop game applications using RISC-V assembly programming
    • Pipelined processor operation, hazard detection and handling
    • Introduction to C programming for RISC-V

  • Digital Systems Design & FPGA Prototyping: Fundamentals, HDL and EDA tools

viciLogic online training courses interact with remote FPGA hardware, controlling and observing digital logic signal behaviour in real time. Your browser controls remote hardware input signals in course steps, probes internal signal state, presents interactive course diagrams with dynamic overlayed signal widgets.

The strategy provides a visually-rich, interactive learn-by-doing experience.

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