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Digital Integrated Circuit Hardware in the Cloud

  • Digital logic Integrated Circuits (ICs) are the amazing high performance computing engines within modern devices, such as PCs, phones, medical equipment, cars and games. Modern digital ICs (silicon chips) provide millions of hardware logic elements which can operate in parallel to process digital data at up to GHz speeds. This fantastic technology is normally hidden deep within the devices that we use every day.
  • vicilogic provides interactive control, probing and visualisation of real reconfigurable digital logic hardware devices in the Cloud in real time, to better learn, understand and demonstrate digital logic hardware behaviour.
  • Reconfigurable logic devices (also referred to as Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)) contain vast amounts of hardware resources, from thousands to millions of digital logic building blocks and memory elements. Digital systems design engineers and computer architects connect these logic resources together to create sophisticated high performance hardware.

viciLearn Learn By Doing

  • Interact with animated views of the internal behaviour of real digital logic hardware.
  • vicilogic brings any diagram representing a digital system to life by automatically connecting it to real operating FPGA hardware.
  • vicilogic hardware is remote, though it feels real and local to the user.
  • vicilogic supports local prototyping if you have local FPGA hardware.
  • Structured, directed, self-paced, modular training programmes with interactive demonstrations and knowledge checks.
  • Learn Hardware Description Language modelling and simulation languages (VHDL/Verilog)

Vici:Lab Bring Your Own Designs to Life

  • Design, build, control, animate and demonstrate your own hardware designs using vicilogic remote FPGA hardware, or using your own local FPGA hardware.
  • Create a graphical user interface console which interacts with your hardware prototype.
  • Use automated industry-level design tools.

Enabling the Next Generation of IC Designers

  • vicilogic makes industry level IC design accessible to everyone.
  • vicilogic bridges the growing gap in knowledge of what's inside modern digital logic electronic devices, enabling the next generation of designers to build the most powerful hardware imaginable.

FPL 2014 vicilogic workshop

viciLogic tutorial held at FPL September 2014 More Info....

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